My name is Marissa and I was born and raised in Massachusetts, USA.  I moved to Montreal for my Master's degree in Art Therapy, fell in love with the city, and now work as an Art Therapist, Mural Artist, and Street Art Therapist in Montreal, Quebec.
My approach is client-centred, and non-directive. I incorporate my training in psychodynamic processes, and utilize a bio-psycho-social lens. In session, I work to meet every individual where they are physically, emotionally, and creatively to provide optimum care to their needs in the moment, and in working towards their goals. 
I have worked with a variety of populations, including: young adults in acute psychiatric inpatient care, young adults in recovery of substance abuse disorders in an inpatient setting, young adults // adolescents with intellectual disabilities, older adults, and adolescents.
I currently facilitate:
Group art therapy sessions with older adults in: 
       - CIUSSS Day centre
       - CIUSSS Residential long-term care
Co-Founder // Lead Art Therapist:
       -St. Margaret's Art Hive
Companion // Website Designer:
      - Individual with MS
My Graduate Research: Street Art Therapy with Older Adults + Adolescents 
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